Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Comics: The X-Edition

X-Factor #226:  OMG, I love so many things about this issue I have to number them:

1) The Night Shift arc of "Avengers West Coast" was one of my favorite ones in the entire run.  I love the fact that David brought back Hangman.  This arc just gets more and more intriguing.

2) Peter gives us so much character development here I can hardly stand it!  I loved everything about the Rictor/Shatterstar troubles.  I loved Layla telling Star not to act on his insecurities over whether Julio stll needs him, I loved Theresa (correctly) telling Julio he's more of an ass now that his powers have returned, I loved Layla essentially agreeing to be a pawn in their relationship to get Julio to see what an ass he's being, I loved Julio and Star fighting in the middle of a hunt.  Similarly, the religion "discussion" between Monet and Theresa was extremely well-handled.  Moreover, I loved that, when Madrox asked for an update on the search, everyone reported back their personal problems as if he were the dad.  Only Peter David could turn a search for a serial killer into an episode of a soap opera!

3) Longshot engages in a pratfall and finds a SAG card?  Brilliant.

X-Men #19:  Meh.  For an arc that had a lot of promise, I finished this issue kind of disappointed.  Gischler uses a lot of really clichéd dialogue to guide the interaction between the various characters, which detracted from the awesomeness of some of the pairings.  Emma Frost was pretty much the highlight of the arc for me, mainly because I love Gischler's take on her.  (I need to subscribe to Radio Frost.)  Plot-wise, everything was more or less predictable.  By the beginning of last issue, you pretty much knew how this arc was going to end, and Gischler didn't throw in any surprises to draw you back into the story.  So, meh.  I like the focus of this series, the X-Men interacting with the rest of the Marvel Universe, though the Spider-Man crossover, so far, is really the only one that got top marks in my book.  We'll see if War Machine can fare better than the FF. 

X-Men Legacy #257:  I feel like this arc has been happening forever, mainly because Carey seems to be recycling events that have already happened.  Rachel already defeated Friendless, but now he's back and they're fighting again.  Sorel already proved he was a scoundrel, but now he's acting like a scoundrel again.  Same plot, different issue.  I'm not sure why Sorel waited until now to teleport the length of the space station to steal the gravity device; it seems like something that would've been better done when everyone was fighting a few issues ago.  I also just can't get all that excited over a villain like Friendless.  I'm just hoping we leave space soon so we see how Alex, Lorna, and Rachel are going to fit in the new X-Men reality.

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