Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Dungeons and Dragons #12:  As we enter the second year of this title, Rogers really starts delving into the emotional lives of these characters.  All this issue is full of Rogers' great banter and wit, it's also a darker story of love.  We learn here of Adric's younger brother, Tymon, who always wanted to go to a dwarven hold, but unfortunately died before it could happen.  We don't learn how he died, but Adric follows Khal on his damn, fool idealistic crusade home in part to see it.  I admit I teared up a bit when he said, "Hey Tymon.  I'm in a hold.  It's beautiful.  Wish you were here."  If that weren't enough emotion for one issue, we also learn that Khal's love is dead.  Khal suspected as much when he realized that her mother and sisters were forging her letters, which we learn they were doing to hide their shame that she somehow woke up the kruthik, a reptile beast who we see throughout the issue terrorizing both the countryside and the hold.  I can't imagine Khal is going to take it well.  Rogers adds to the mystery of Tisha here as well.  Tieflings apparently created kruthiks, though, despite that, Tisha asserts that she cannot control them.  In the middle of a fight with them, though, we see a mysterious hand (that, to me, looks like Copernicus Jinx's) dispatch the creature.  Tisha lies to Bree that it fled because she blasted it, but it's clearly not the case.  I'm not sure if it's part of the deal she made in the Feywild, but I'm sure we'll learn the reason behind it eventually.  This issue is a great and, if you're not reading this title, it's a perfect place to start.

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