Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Comics!: The "Regenesis" Edition #4 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Uncanny X-Men #2:  Meh.  I liked the idea of Sinister no longer being a man, but a "system," but, OMG, the system can talk.  Seriously, we don't see much happen in this issue because Sinister spends most of it explaining how awesome he is.  Point, Team Wolverine.

X-Men #22:  OK, in my drive to get my current pull-list under 30, I'm pretty sure that this title is going once Gischler wraps up this arc.  It's an OK title, but I can't say it adds anything that I'm not getting from other titles, particularly since I already saw Colossus and Storm in "Uncanny X-Men" #2.  For $3.99 a month, I don't need to see that much of Colossus and Storm.  At any rate, it's a pretty decent story to end my run.  This whole arc is essentially all about proving correct Scott's comments at the disarmament conference from "X-Men:  Schism" #1, that having a bunch of Sentinels lying around the place probably isn't the hottest idea.  The Governor of Puttanescaland goes a long way toward proving him correct by dispatching her Sentinel army against neighboring Symkaria.  Most of this issue is dedicated to Colossus, Storm, and War Machine fighting a Sentinel; I can't say it's the most gripping of battles since, as Colossus says, the X-Men have fought a lot of Sentinels.  But, fighting 30 Sentinels should be something different, so I'll definitely pick up next month's issue.

X-Men Legacy #259:  I think this issue is one of my favorite Carey issues.  He really does a great job bringing us on Rogue's emotional journey here.  It's a little behind the times, given that we know Rogue chose Wolverine from "X-Men:  Regenesis" #1.  But, he fleshes out her thoughts on the subject, and it's interesting to see what she's thinking.  (Notably, Carey also gives us a more...forgiving Scott here.  Scott makes it seem like two sides will work together, something he hasn't really quite articulated previously in any of the other titles.  It makes me wonder if Carey goes off script a bit or if Marvel is already softening the schism between the two sides.)  I also enjoyed how Carey uses Rogue's soul searching as the action-forcing event that, well, delivers us some action, revealing that someone has scattered its consciousness across the eight X-Men returning from outer space.  It's clever, because you think the issue is going to be a talkathon but ends up being pretty suspenseful.  Carey actually makes me almost believe it's Jean, clearly something we're going to see happen a lot before next summer's cross-over event, which seems to promise her return.  But, instead, we learn it's Ariel.  I had no idea who she was, so I had to do some Wikipedia research to get her background.  I'm not really sure what's left for the team to do next issue, since it seems like they just have to pull her through the doorway, but I guess we shall see.

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