Thursday, August 8, 2013

Batman and Robin #21 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

I have a love/hate relationship with Tomasi and, unfortunately, this issue falls more in the latter camp than the former one.  (Man, it's been a seriously bad run of comics this month.)  Tomasi actually does a great job picking up the threads of Barbara's struggles in "Batgirl" and I spent most of the issue wondering if she would confess to Bruce that she (may have) killed her brother.  I kept waiting for her to shout it during their confrontation, telling him that she wasn't worthy of wearing the mantle of the Bat as a result of her actions, and wondering what Bruce's response would be.  But, weirdly, Tomasi goes in a totally random (and opposite) direction.  Barbara goes from asserting that she's not worthy of being part of the offering to serve as Bruce's Robin.  Nothing during their argument implies that Bruce is looking for a Robin (in fact, quite the opposite), so Barbara shattering the case with Jason's costume and offering to replace Damian seems incredibly disrespectful for no good reason.  Was she just trying to shock him?  Was she looking for a surrogate father as a result of her fear of being disowned when her own father finds out the truth about her?  Tomasi could've made those arguments, but he doesn't, leaving you scratching his head and wondering what happened here exactly.

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