Friday, August 16, 2013

Captain America #8 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Honestly, this issue is almost too devastating to recap.  When I saw the cover, I had a hunch that Sharon would arrive and kill Ian, but, when the moment came, I was totally wrecked by it.  Although I felt like Remender had Ian shake off Zola's programming a little too quickly, it was still a happy moment, the redemption of the suffering that Steve had endured on behalf of his son.  It's of course what makes what comes next all the more terrible, to have that hope snatched from Steve when he needs it the most.  Remender and JR, Jr. go to great pains to make it appear that Ian's death is irreversible, with his body falling into the vat of liquids below them, and you have to wonder where we go from here.  Can Steve forgive Sharon for "saving" him by killing his son?  Does Ian get reborn with all his memories like "Captain Zolalandia?"  Do any of Ian's criticisms of America -- a land that uses force to protect the wealthy, but pretends to be a beacon on the hill -- shake Steve's faith in himself and his mission?  Remender leaves open all those questions and I'm sure that we'll have to address them at some point.  Right now, though, we have to have our battle royale with Zola and I honestly can't wait.  I seriously hope Steve hands him his ass after everything he -- and the reader -- has endured so far.

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