Saturday, August 17, 2013

Justice League of America #5 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

It's no coincidence that, as the team started to click together in this issue, this series started to click with me.  I'm still considering dropping both this title and "Justice League," because $4.99 an issue is a lot to be spending on two titles that I can't say I've enjoyed all that much.  But, this issue opened the door to the possibility that I may revisit that decision.

Beyond the attention given to the team starting to work together, Johns creates a mystery that I actually find intriguing (and not just one that I know will result in me rolling my eyes when it's answered).  The leader of the Secret Society seems pretty clearly to be connected to Batman, given his comment about knowing where Batman lives, his reference to the Joker, and his possession of Two-Face's coin.  I'd guess that he's the Riddler, but Johns clearly has a few more aces up his sleeve, so any guess is probably premature.  Beyond just his identity, we also don't know why he wants to take down the Justice League.  Why would one of Batman's villains want to take down the entire Justice League?  To up the intrigue, we learn that the Society appears to have some connection to Pandora's Box, meaning that it may play a role in the upcoming "Trinity War" cross-over event.  All in all, it's a honest-to-goodness mystery and one that I actually find myself interested in seeing answered.

Johns also drops all sorts of other hints about future storylines in here, from Chronos' failed hunt for Booster Gold to Dr. Light's malfunctioning powers.  If only "Justice League" had such interesting developments...

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