Tuesday, August 27, 2013


If I'm not mistaken, this issue is the last issue of "Venom" in my to-read stack, which means that it's my last issue of "Venom" period.  I've been on the fence with this series for a while, probably since the ridiculous "Circle of Four" arc.  But, I kept giving it another chance, trying to make it work.  To be honest, I think that Bunn actually has a pretty decent take on Flash and is giving this series a narrative stability that it's never really had.  (Remember when Flash could only be in the suit for 48 hours or some such time period?  Remember "Project:  Rebirth?"  Remember when he was a Secret Avenger?  Remember all the demon stuff?)  Moving Flash to Philadelphia was a good call and Bunn seems to be using Lord Ogre and Katy Kiernan to great effect, giving Flash a serious nemesis and an unreliable ally.  But, I think I've just been burned too many times by this series to care anymore (or, at least, to start caring, only to have its whole modus operandi changed again).  So, good luck, Flash.  I hope you get the happy ending that you're probably not going to get.

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