Sunday, August 18, 2013

Young Avengers #6 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Jesus Christ, what the Hell was that?  Here I am, thinking I'm reading a tale of two young recovering superheroes finding someone to help them talk through their problems and maybe get their heads back in the game, when everything all of sudden goes batshit crazy.  Who's randomly animating Patriot's suit?  Why Patriot's suit?  Why rob the company where Prodigy and Speed were working?  Did it have to do with them?  The suit didn't really make an effort to hide itself, looking straight into the security cameras, so it seems like the theft was motivated by drawing out Prodigy and/or Speed.  But, why?  Did it want one, the other, or both?  What did it do to Speed?  What did it want Prodigy to do with the suit?  Why did it tell Prodigy that he was in denial?  Plus, where were Prodigy and Speed working?  A place that ran a superhero/super-villain technical-support line and assembled unspecified technical products?  Shady much?  Questions, questions, questions.  Man, I love this series.

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