Thursday, September 12, 2013

Avengers Assemble #17 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Man, DeConnick is telling a story here, people.  I love that we’re in the fourth installment and the threat is only just now becoming clear.  Last issue, it seemed like the Sentries were activated simply to wreck havoc, but, now, DeConnick continues to deepen the plot, showing Magnetron using them to create some sort of energy field shaped like the Hala Star, ominously centered on New York.  Plus, I thought that Magnetron getting the last piece of the Psyche-Magnitron was bad enough; I totally didn’t expect that he would start drawing in all the energy and pieces connected to it, including Carol and her powers.  Is he going to absorb Carol?  Although it seems likely the answer is that he’s going to absorb the tumor that has been plaguing her, DeConnick really keeps you guessing about the impact that his actions will ultimatley have on Carol.  If he does absorb the tumor, will she be left powerless?

Plus, DeConnick is giving us a great script in addition to a stellar plot.  You could really feel the Avengers’ apprehension and disappointment as they failed to prevent Magnetron from forming the energy field.  It didn’t feel like just another obstacle that of course they’re going to surmount; DeConnick – with the help of Buffagni, of whom I definitely want to see more – manages to do what’s so difficult to do in comics, convey a real sense that the Avengers will fail and the Northeast will be destroyed.  Add onto that the great moment in Marvel team-ups that is Hulk and Spider-Woman and you’ve got the best cross-over event that I’ve read in ages.

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