Saturday, September 14, 2013


You know, I really want to like this series.  It’s had its moments, but, throughout this issue, I just kept feeling like I was reading a story that I've read 1,000 times already.  Teenage superhero can’t tell the girl that he likes that he’s a superhero.  Check.  Teenage superhero struggles to keep up his obligation to his family.  Check.  I know it’s unfair to compare Nova to Spider-Man, since everyone everywhere writing about a teenage superhero has to carry that baggage.  Maybe it’s because Wells is so used to writing about Spider-Man that he can’t help himself.  But, he doesn’t really seem to have his heart in trying to carve out Sam’s own experience here.  This issue just felt like a color-by-the-numbers effort and, given that Marvel is charging $3.99 for this title, I’m wondering if my money is better spent elsewhere.

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