Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Scarlet Spider #19 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

For an arc that started with such promise, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed here.  I sort of vaguely remember Candra from her "Gambit" appearance, so I was all for the grudge fight between her and Wolverine.  But, I never really understood why Belladonna, a businesswoman at her core, suddenly decided that the Assassins Guild was a religious cult dedicated to Candra's glory.  Yost should’ve given us some sort of background on why Belladonna was so obsessed with Candra since, without it, it just felt weird (or, more to the point, overly convenient, from a plot perspective).

Speaking of background, I don’t really remember the Kingpin owing Kaine a favor, but I’ll make sure to check my back issues to see.  Although it was a clever move for Kaine to pull in the Kingpin as a back-up plan, in case he and Wolverine didn't succeed in stopping Belladonna, it still felt anticlimactic.  Given that we’re dealing with a team-up story with Wolverine, I was looking for a great fight sequence, not a surprise corporate merger, to end the arc.  It just seems like it could’ve ended in a better way than it did.  (I did, however, enjoy Kaine consistently referring to Candra as a “half-naked zombie lady.”)

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