Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Comics!: The "Uncanny X-Men" Edition (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Uncanny X-Men #10-#11:  I'm recapping these issues together because they pretty much tell one continuous story, of the Brotherhood showing their support for a pro-mutant rally in Ann Arbor only to be attacked once again by a Sentinel virtually upon arrival.

Bendis uses this attack to confirm that the Brotherhood is essentially being stalked at this point.  Scott is seen at wit's end with rage over the mystery of the attacker's identity, though Bendis gives the reader a little more insight, showing the figure in his HQ.  However, given that his face is covered by a helmet, it actually isn't all that more clear for us than it is for Scott.  

The only part of this two-issue arc that made me raise an eyebrow is that you have to wonder how this guy is able to find the Brotherhood the minute that they materialize somewhere but S.H.I.E.L.D., with all its resources, can't.  I'll also say that I'm not really sure what Bendis is doing with Dazzler/Mystique at this point.  My guess is that we're not really going to get more information on either plot until the dust from "Battle of the Atom" settles.

Finally, I'll also say that I think, at this point, we could probably use an issue focused just on the kids.  Bendis has done a great job of showing them make progress in terms of their powers, with Eva using hers in a new way here and Chris, Fabio, and Hijack showing an increased comfort using theirs.  But, I still don't have a great sense of who they are as people.  It would be nice to turn to that after "Battle of the Atom."

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