Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Forever Evil #2 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Johns throws all sorts of mysteries and revelations at us here, virtually all at the same time.  The Crime Syndicate is keeping a "hitchhiker" as a prisoner; Owlman and Superwoman want him dead, for previous crimes against the Syndicate, while Ultraman wants him alive, for use as a distraction in case some entity that apparently almost defeated them on their Earth followed them to this one.  (In fact, this entity might be the reason that they fled their Earth in the first place.)  Oh, also, Superwoman is bearing Owlman's child, though Ultraman thinks that it's his child.  Good times.

But, this issue is really about Lex Luthor.  Sure, Johnny Quick manipulates Kid Flash's vibrations, accidentally sending him and the Teen Titans into the future.  Sure, Batman arrives with Catwoman and Cyborg declaring that the Justice League didn't make it (leaving me to assume that the Crime Syndicate sent them to their Earth).  But, it's really about Lex Luthor revealing that he's cloned Superman, a clone that needed five more years before it was ready; instead, Luthor activates him and Bizarro is born.  It's really about Lex revealing that he needed Kord Industries, which he was trying to buy when the Crime Syndicate revealed itself to the world, in order to finish his special armor; but, as with Bizarro, Luthor realizes that the time to activate it is now.  And, suddenly, Lex Luthor becomes Earth's best hope.  I can't wait to see how that's going to go.

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