Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Given that I don't really care all that much about Angela, this issue isn't all that thrilling.  The Guardians engage Angela, but they know nothing about her and, despite their fight with her unfolding in front of him, Uatu isn't talking.  The most interesting part of this issue involves Peter's conversation with Thanos, though I'll admit to being confused by Thanos' comments.  In this series, Thanos has posited "Infinity" as a galactic jihad of sorts against Earth for breaking the space/time continuum during the "Age of Ultron" event.  However, in "Infinity" itself, the focus is on the Builders' decision to destroy Earth, with the Galactic Council fighting to save Earth, not destroy it.  (Thanos himself is portrayed as using the battle to make a move on his hidden son, not helping to destroy Earth for its meddling in the space/time continuum.)  Now, maybe the Builders' have decided to move against Earth because it broke the space/time continuum, but I honestly don't remember anyone saying that in "Infinity."  (In fact, it makes me realize that I'm not really sure why the Builders have decided to raze Earth.)  It's weird that Bendis is so out of sync with the "Infinity" story, given the role that this series is going to play in it.

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