Sunday, November 17, 2013

Secret Avengers #10 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This issue is a great example of why events suck.  Whereas DeConnick managed to connect the "Infinity" tie-in issues of "Captain Marvel" to the ongoing story in that series, Spencer disappears from this title, along with the ongoing saga of A.I.M. Island.  How's Mockingbird?  Doesn't the assassination crew wonder what happened exactly on A.I.M. Island?  What's Daisy doing with Bucky?  Why would Bucky agree to help her depose Maria Hill?  All those questions get shelved for the requisite "aliens are invading New York...again."  I mean, yes, it makes sense that, in real time, those questions would get shelved since, after all, aliens are invading New York.  But, aliens seemingly invade New York weekly at this point in the Marvel Universe, so it's hard to see this tie-in issue as anything other than an unwelcome distraction from the pretty detailed and involved story that Spencer had been telling.

** (two of five stars)

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