Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Rodi does his best here, but I have to say that the connection between this issue and "Infinity" is tenuous at best.  A medieval-studies undergraduate student inexplicably gets transformed into living electricity in the middle of the Mighty Avengers' fight with the invading alien hordes.  OK, sure.  Rodi tries to turn this idea into a meditation on the fact that random stuff continues happening in the Marvel Universe even when invading alien hordes threaten Earth.  It's a valid point, but the problem is that this new villain, Fulmina, isn't really all that threatening.  She decides to destroy electrical devices, it seems, in order to return Earth to a simpler time.  Since it seems pretty clear that she's going to fail in this attempt, I can't say that we go into next issue with all that much suspense.  If this arc was just about Octo-Spidey learning another lesson about his arrogance undermining his plans (this time in assuming that he understood Fulmina's motivations), it would be fine.  Instead, it tries to juggle Fulmina's introduction and the "Infinity" plot, splitting the reader's attention and the issue's focus.  If I picked up this issue just because it was connected to "Infinity," I'd be pissed.

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