Monday, November 18, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #13 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This issue could've been just a pro forma bridge issue, the one between where the villain reveals his plans and where the heroes stop it.  But, Remender doesn't take his foot off the accelerator here, using the opportunity to spend some time on characterization.  To that end, we get all sorts of interpersonal drama that advances plots established in previous issues in a strong way.  In fact, Remender shows that he really understands the two most important hallmarks of an "Avengers" book:  romance and squabbling.  In the first instance, we've got Havok and Wasp's budding relationship and Wanda and Simon's rekindled one.  Will Wasp survive to deliver on her promise of nookie to Alex?  Will Simon be able to defend Wanda when she pulls off her plan to stop the Twins?  Of course, segueing to the second instance, Simon may have to defend Wanda from Rogue.  Willing to believe that Wanda is the bad guy that she always knew that she was, Rogue follows Logan's exhortation to stop Wanda before she can conduct the Rapture.  Will Rogue's lack of trust in Wanda mean that she stops Wanda before she can save mutantkind from the Twins?  It's these questions that show how tightly constructed this story is.  The romance and the squabbling isn't just there for fun; Remender makes them integral to the plot, since their outcomes will have a direct impact on the larger story that he's telling.  Finally, you add in the somewhat heavy-handed (but pretty hilarious) metaphor of a deaf Cap not being able to hear Alex and you realize just how good this series is.

**** (four of five stars)

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