Sunday, November 17, 2013

Uncanny X-Men #13 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

OK, we don't exactly make any real progress here, but it at least feels like we do.  In an example of pet peeve #1, we learn from the title page that the original future X-Men are, in fact, the future Brotherhood (a revelation that'll at least make it easier to write these recaps).  But, we still don't know why future-original Jean and future Hank would decide to join any version of the Brotherhood, since we still don't know who organized the assassination of future Dazzler (or why).  Second, we learn that the original X-Men actually can't be sent into the past, though we're only given future Hank's theory that they've created too strong of a space/time paradox to be able to return as an explanation.  Although my guess is that we still have a final reckoning coming at some point on their ultimate destiny, it at least takes the threat of the future Brotherhood successfully sending them into the past off the table.  In doing so, it clears the way for a battle royale between the present X-Men, the present Brotherhood, and the future X-Men against the future Brotherhood.

We're still waiting to learn how the future Brotherhood came into being and why they're trying to send back the original X-Men.  With the revelation that the original X-Men may wind up staying in the present, it's starting to feel like the reason that the future Brotherhood want them returned to the past is because the original X-Men accomplish present Hank's goal of promoting harmony between the present Brotherhood and present X-Men.  (After all, assuming that someone frees the present X-Men, they'll all be fighting together, against the future Brotherhood, for the first time.)  In so doing, it seems likely that they'll heal this rift and bring together mutantkind, setting the stage for the assassination of Dazzler.  It seems like it's that harmony that the future Brotherhood is trying to prevent, particularly given the peaceful images of the future X-Men's world.

*** (three of five stars)

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