Friday, November 8, 2013

Young Avengers #10 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Gillen gets expositional here, but in a pretty awesome way.  We learn that we're in this mess because Loki made a deal with Mother to deliver Billy to her, but, Loki being Loki, he never agreed not to interfere in her plans to devour him.  Instead, he used Mother as a threat to get the Younger Avenger together, because he eventually wants to steal Billy's powers when he's at the peak of them.  This information is delivered not only via banter with Mother, but also (ingeniously) a game of questions where Loki tries to find out how they found themselves in Leah's dimension after escaping Mother.  Speaking of Leah, she tries to recruit Billy for a team of Stalker Avengers (exes of the various Young Avengers) and, when he refuses, she transports him to New York, where Mother attacks.  Seriously, it's all remarkably neat and tidy, particularly given that we're pulling together nine issues of events.  Hopefully, Teddy now understands that Leah was manipulating him and finds the Young Avengers to warn them about the Stalker Avengers.  (Hopefully he also realizes that Loki was manipulating him and that Billy isn't making him love him.  Fingers crossed)

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