Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Earth 2: World's End #19 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

To be honest, it's starting to feel like we're stalling.

It's not like nothing happens this issue.  Jimmy fails to land Fury, Mr. Miracle, Mr. Terrific, and Sandman on Sloan's ship, forcing them to leap through space to it.  Batman and the Huntress start their search for Ollie Queen, but have to make their way into Sloan's inner sanctum to get his location.  The Green Lantern fails to hold off Apocalypse's spawn as he makes his way to Earth's core, and Dick searches for his son.

But, none of those events actually accomplish anything.  Constantine's minions are hiding Dick's son from him for some reason, so he doesn't find him.  (Unless he's some sort of messiah capable of resurrecting Earth 2, I'm not really sure why we're introducing a new twist at this point.)  The rest of the teams -- the Green and Green Lantern, Sato and Steel, and Batman and the Huntress -- are forced to just watch helplessly while the terraformers get to work, preparing earth 2 for destruction.  We're no better or worse than we were last issue.

Hopefully, next issue, something actually happens.

** (two of five stars)

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