Monday, February 23, 2015

Grayson #7 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

OK, Seeley lost me here.

Helena has Spyral upload the information that she obtained from the guy that she "interrogated" last issue to the Hypnos implant that Midnighter stole from Dick, convincing him to come to Tel Aviv and help her stop the Fist of Cain from using the Paragon brain to incite violence.  I get that part.  She knew to upload the information to Midnighter because she had Spyral replay the last five minutes of Dick's Hypnos' recording, revealing that Midnighter possessed it.  I also get that part, though it did make me raise an eyebrow.  Does Dick know that Hypnos records everything he does?  If so, how does he get around it to talk to Bruce?  If not, it's clearly trouble for exactly that reason.  I'm also still not sure how Midnighter stole the implant in the first place.

It's the part with the Gardner that left me feeling like I had missed an issue.  Dick convinces the Gardner to release him to help, talking about Bruce and his surrogate family catching him when he fell.  Although it's touching, I have no idea why he had to convince the Gardner to release him in the first place.  I thought that the Gardner kidnapped him last issue to help her fend off some sort of attackers coming for the Garden.  But, here, we learn that she kidnapped him to let the Fist of Cain succeed, so that the riots in Tel Aviv will convince people to end the "artificial superhuman arms race" that she has fought for years.  Really?  Dick implies that she was created for some other purpose than the one that she currently serves, but I don't understand how he knows anything about her when we still know nothing about her.  Didn't he just meet her last issue?  He refers to some sort of room on the Garden that she used to save people, but we've never seen it.  It just all makes little sense.  I feel like it's playing off developments from another series; if that's the case, it would've been nice to get an editor's note or something to tell us that.

Separately, the mystery surrounding Director Minos also deepens in this issue.  He seemingly saves Helena from the guy who ran the Fist (at least, I think that it's him), but then, at the end of the issue, it appears that he might have a number of clones.  I honestly don't know what we're supposed to think.  If this issue had flowed better, I might be able to care, but instead it just seemed to add to the general chaos.

** (two of five stars)

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