Thursday, February 5, 2015

Legendary Star-Lord #7 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

First, Williams is a solid substitute for Medina.  The flying fortress looks...fortress-y.  I'd also like to thank him for giving Peter chest hair.  It's nice that not all the men of the Marvel Universe look like 15-year-olds.  (OK, Peter's eyes do occasionally look a little animé glittery, but I'm willing to look past it.)

First things first:  who the hell is Lydia?  I mean, I get that she's Peter's spaceship's computer, but am I really supposed to recognize her?  Humphries implies that I should, but I spent the first two pages of this issue wondering just who the hell she was.  I also don't get how she knew to look for Kitty.  I get how she found Kitty, triangulating off the phone that she used to call Peter.  But, how did she know that Kitty needed to be found?

Anyway, other than those small (well, not really all that small) problems, I enjoyed this issue.  I loved when Peter is so angry at his father that he just starts shouting crimes.  "Fraud!"  "Extortion!"  "Stealing!"  I also love how deliciously evil J'Son has become.  We're a long way from the dashing young pilot that romanced Peter's mom after crashing on Earth.  I didn't actually buy this transition at first, when Bendis was writing about it.  But, Humphries actually seems to argue here that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that the crown has been on J'Son's head too long.  His tirade about people only caring about the person on the end of the gun -- regardless of whether he's a criminal or a king -- is a great example of how much he craves any sort of power.  Humphries really sells this transition to me for the first time.

Moreover, Kitty is straight-up bad-ass here.  Getting Lydia to practically crash the ship into the fortress so that Kitty could phase at rapid speed to where Peter was?  Straight-up.  Bad-ass.  Also, punching out J'Son?  What a way to meet the in-laws!  I love that the women in Peter's life frequently have to save him, and he has no problem being the damsel in distress.  His charm is essentially his mutant power at this point.  

Hopefully the two of them get to...ahem...enjoy their time together before everything goes to know, next issue.

*** (three of five stars)

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