Friday, February 13, 2015

Legendary Star-Lord #8 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Logan had honor?  Are you fucking kidding me?  (OK, I'm jumping right in here.)

Peter and Kitty get into a fight here, after he asks her to stay in space with him.  She claims she doesn't want to date a thief; he tells her that her boy Logan wasn't exactly an angel; she gets mad.  But, she then learns that he gives all his money to orphans.  She decides that she wants to stay in space with him and become a thief like him; she decides that they should start with the Black Vortex, since his father wants it so badly.

I like this series and I like Peter and Kitty as a couple.  Humphries definitely does a good job of keeping up an "opposites attract" vibe with them:  Peter wants to be a better man for Kitty, and, as we see here, Kitty wants to walk on the wild side with him.  I'm glad that she decided to stay in space.  I'm a little worried that, at the end of the upcoming Black Vortex event, she's going to decide to return with the X-Men, so I'm going to try to enjoy them together while I can.

My only problem with this issue is that Humphries has to really force the developments.  Kitty didn't know Peter was a thief before they started holo-dating?  If she didn't respect him, why bother going through the motions of a (very, very) long-distance relationship?  They get into a huge fight over the idea that Logan was really some sort of angel?  Peter just happens to take her to an orphanage that he funds so that she can discover his "secret" and see how good he is with kids>  (Seriously, his water-gun fight with the orphans was clearly meant to induce ovary-twitching.)  Humphries is essentially forced to rush them through dating to get them in a relationship so that Kitty is with Peter at the start of the "Black Vortex Saga."  I mean, I guess you can't win every outing, but it would've been nice to see their relationship progress a little more steadily.

On the art, I like Williams in general, though I wish every had a little less of an animé feel.  It's starting to get hard to tell the difference between Peter and a golden retriever.

** (two of five stars)

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