Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spider-Woman #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This issue suffers from the same problem as "Scarlet Spiders" #3; if you read "Amazing Spider-Man" #13 before this one -- as Marvel's own checklist tells you to do -- you know everything that happens.  You know that Jessica gets the prophecy scrolls from the Weaver and successfully teleports them to Peter.  You know that Cindy eventually feels guilty about stranding Jessica on Loomworld and decides to save her.  It leaves you no reason whatsoever to read this issue, unless you want to see Jessica engage in bathroom humor that literally includes the phrase "poop sitch."  If you hadn't read "Amazing Spider-Man" #13 before this issue, I'm not sure if it would be any better.  You'd go from Cindy discovering the underground bunker on Radiation World to her suddenly appearing on Loomworld with Spider-Gwen, with no explanation at all about the (fairly important) events of "Amazing Spider-Man" #13.  In other words, to put it mildly, skip this issue.

* (one of five stars)

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