Monday, April 20, 2015

Captain Marvel #13 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Man, Marvel is giving us some great stories this week.

After the excellent "All-New X-Men" #37, I was thrilled to see that this story also really delivered.  Harrison realizes that the group of hostile ships firing on them in the Endless Envelope are defending some sort of mining platforms.  What are they mining?  Glad you asked.  They're mining, as Harrison calls it, "water-bear juice."  What's "water-bear juice?"  Carol shared your confusion.  Apparently, the Envelope has creatures in it that resemble water bears from Earth, except that a liquid within them allows for travel through hyperspace.  Cap blows the mining platforms off the bears and then flies Harrison through the liquid that it poured from them, allowing them to punch their way through the Envelope.  I'm not sure that I understand it, but it's still pretty damn cool.  She also decides that she's got to play a more strategic game than the one that she usually plays (i.e., smashing stuff), so she reconfigures the guns on the ship to fire pin-point lasers.  Once they arrive at the Haffensye ship, she uses the beam to slice off the hair of the lead pirate, convincing him that he really should abandon ship and leave behind the hostages (and, most importantly, the cat).

The best part, though, is the farewell between Cap and Tic.  Tic decides to keep the ship; she and the refugees are going to take out the Haffensye to save all the refugees like her that they're using for slave labor.  As Cap and Chewie depart, Tic tells Cap that she's going to miss her, tears in her eyes.  Did I tear up a little in the McDonalds at the airport where I read this issue?  Yes, yes, I did.

***** (five of five stars)

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