Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Guardians Team-Up #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

The battle for Hala is over pretty quickly here, as Peter helps Ronan defy the Supreme Intelligence and submit to the Vortex.  Ronan uses his new amped-up powers to take out Angel, but it's not really this moment that saves Hala.  Instead, it's when Beast uses his cosmic awareness to create a replica of space-time (so that he can hold all possibilities in his hand) and then realizes that he broke the fabric of space-time when he brought back the younger X-Men.  He flees in horror, and Gamora, now bereft of allies, is forced to cut her losses and flee as well.  (I'll admit that I have no idea how it's even remotely possible to create a "replica" of space-time or why said replica would necessarily include the tear that Hank sees here, but I can't waste too much energy on that).

Looking forward, Thane's discovery that someone (likely J'Son) slaughtered his flock and Gara's arrival on the scene are likely the most significant developments.  It's not clear why Gara (the last of the Viscardi) appeared at the orphanage, but she announces that she's there to destroy the Black Vortex, so she may have just tracked it there.  Thane taking on J'Son also raises the stakes, since the former Emperor now has a number of people gunning for him.

I'm still not sure what Peter and company are going to do now.  They originally went to Hala not just to save it from their three lost sheep, but convince said sheep to join them in attacking J'Son.  Since the sheep have all fled, is Peter eventually going to join forces with Thane?  Plus, Peter also wanted the Black Vortex to fight J'Son, but I don't see the Supreme Intelligence -- who views it as a dangerous object -- just giving it to him.  I guess we'll see.

(Also, Nova appears again this issue, but doesn't say a word.  Weird.)

*** (three of five stars)

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