Sunday, May 17, 2015

Legendary Star-Lord #11 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Once you put the Black Vortex into some sort of emotional context, it's actually not a terrible device.  It's just a shame that it took us eleven chapters to get there.

The best moment of this issue is obviously Peter preventing Jean from submitting to the Vortex, saving her from ever knowing the type of cosmic power that eventually destroyed her future self.  It's chivalrous and heroic, and it's exactly what we'd expect from Peter.  But, the next best moment is the one that we don't expect, when Peter realizes that he also can't embrace that cosmic power, lest he become a super-bro that leaves Kitty heart-broken.  Now, I have to say at this point that I still don't totally buy the Chris Pratt Star-Lord.  I still long for the tactician that fought by Richard Rider's side during the fight against the Annihilation Wave.  But, in the context of the character that Marvel has made him become, this altered vision of himself is probably an accurate one.  In fact, his rejection of that vision gives me some hope that the old Peter may one day return.

In the meantime, Kitty is full of adoration and love for Peter, both for saving Jean and rejecting the Vortex.  It's why she has to embrace it, since she's the only person there that doesn't want that sort of power.  That part also made total sense to me, and, for the first time since this event began, I'm actually excited to see how it unfolds.

*** (three of five stars)

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