Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Aaron continues to do a great job of building up the tension before next issue's big reveal, where we learn Thor's identity.  So far, he's moved us along this story at a steady pace that hasn't felt like he was just stalling to keep Thor's identity a mystery for as long as he could.  It's all unfolded organically.

As we saw last issue, a frustrated Odin has sent a Cul-possessed Destroyer after Thor because he's furious that she's managed what she's managed in these previous issues.  The battle with the Destroyer probably her toughest battle yet.  I loved her telling herself that she refused to be the woman that wielded the hammer for five days and then died.  But, thankfully, she doesn't have to do it alone, since Odinson uses his list of potential Thors to assemble an army at the request of his mother. (Freya is pretty rightfully furious that Odin has sent Cul and the Destroyer after Thor.)

Aaron is also leading us to believe that Roz really is Thor, seeing the hammer as a way to further her environmentalist crusade against Roxxon.  But, Aaron's a tricky guy, so I'm not sure if it's just not misdirection.  Just one more issue until we see.

(Also?  The art just continues to be amazing.  'Nuff said.)

**** (four of five stars)

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