Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Convergence #4 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

We begin the issue by learning that Telos believes that Brainiac ordered him to set the cities against each other, though it appears that Brainiac may have intended that process to take several eons and Telos has decided to complete the "experiment" in just a few days.  Although this information might give us a little more clarity on the overall plot, it still doesn't explain why Telos decided to accelerate the timeline.

In his long stretches of exposition (occurring as part of a conversation with a paralyzed Dick), Telos keeps referring to the "society" that will emerge victorious.  Given that the new Earth 2 series is called "Earth 2:  Society," is it a foregone conclusion that the Earth 2 heroes will "win" this contest?  Seemingly supporting that possibility, Deimos refers to them as the original heroes reborn; allegedly, it's why they're at the center of the "convergence."  I'm not really sure why we would need this event just to send them to the DCnU, since it's pretty clear that the other survivors are headed there, but I'll reserve judgement until the end.

Speaking of the heroes, they decide to help Deimos attack the Warlord here.  Although they realize the errors of their ways once Deimos disappears after they make it over the gates, you have to wonder how King expects us to believe that they were so trusting.  I get that they're in a bad spot, but they're literally supporting the first person that they met in the conflict.  No one thought that it may be a bad idea until Deimos disappeared?  It's not like Deimos even fooled them with a complicated story; he basically just told them that the Warlord was the bad guy.

The issue ends with Deimos revealing that he's a dark mage, but stressing that his goals are still the same as the heroes'.  He uses the powers of the "Time Masters" to summon some sort of portal to where, we learn, Brainiac is imprisoned.  (It's unclear how or why he was imprisoned.)  Brainiac promises to give Deimos anything that he wants if he frees him, though it's unclear what it is, exactly, that Deimos wants.  Does he want to rule Skararis, even if it's a dying city on a dying planet?  I guess we'll see.

I'm really just trying to grin and bear this series.  I'm at least engaged with the fate of the Earth 2 heroes; I can't imagine how awful it must be if you didn't read "Earth 2."  One more issue down, four more issues left.  Maybe something'll make sense at some point.

** (two of five stars)

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