Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Convergence #6 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

King abruptly shifts direction here, confirming that the focus of the superheroes' battle has changed from Telos (and, to a lesser extent, Brainiac) to Deimos.  Given the fact that the original plot wasn't all that interesting, it might actually be a good move.

The confusing part about this issue is that the superheroes and super-villains are suddenly wandering the world.  It took me a minute to realize that it's because the domes have been dropped, so everyone can interact with one another now.  It sets up a battle royale after Deimos promises the super-villains control of Telos if they win.  We still have no idea what Deimos wants, but at least the art should be interesting next issue.

Meanwhile, Dick finds Telos and convinces him to help the superheroes win so that he can find his family and people (assuming that Deimos knows where they are).  It's a solid option for Telos, but I still don't understand what the Earth 2 heroes think is going to happen.  Dick says that they would be returned to their worlds, but the whole point of this event is that the cities come from destroyed worlds.  They should actually be fighting for control over Telos, just as the super-villains are, since it's the only viable option.

Oh, did I mention Telos is inserting itself into the DCnU?  It is.  I don't know what it means, but I guess I should mention it.

** (two of five stars) 

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