Sunday, June 28, 2015

Legendary Star-Lord #12 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Despite the title, Star-Lord doesn't appear in this issue at all.  (I honestly can't remember where we left him at the end of last issue.  Isn't he trying to escape his responsibilities as newly elected President of Spartax?)

Instead, Victoria takes center stage (literally) as she successfully convinces the Collector to surrender J'Son's fossilized body so he can face justice for his crimes.  Bendis uses the conversation as an opportunity to show us how cold J'Son was to Victoria during her youth, so it's no wonder that she seems particularly committed to fulfilling her task.  But, we eventually learn that her real aim is swiping the seed of the next Supreme Intelligence, something that she plans to keep from the Kree so that Spartax can invade it while it is in disarray.  Meanwhile, J'Son appears to have some of his own tricks up his sleeve, so he may not be facing any sort of music on Spartax.

Bendis leaves open the question of who's pulling Victoria's strings.  She seems to be acting on behalf of the Spartax government, but it's still unclear who they are.  Is she working for the people that we saw trying to convince Peter to take the throne in "Guardians of the Galaxy" #26?  Is she working on her own and plans to install herself as leader of the Kree?  Or, is it someone else entirely pulling her strings?  Hopefully Bendis'll get a chance to let us know after "Secret Wars."  If he doesn't, it's going to make "Secret Wars" feel like "Flashpoint," where we all expected to return to regularly scheduled programming after it concluded but DC changed its mind mid-way through the event.  I'm still holding out hope that Marvel learned from DC's mistake.

*** (three of five stars)

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