Monday, June 29, 2015

Uncanny Avengers #4 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Man, this series just continues to bum me out.  Each issue reads like it was written by a committee of editorial staff members implementing the Front Office's war with Fox and not by the guy currently writing "All-New Captain America."

This issue brings us the details of the ret-con of Pietro and Wanda's birth, alleging that the High Evolutionary kidnapped them, genetically engineered them, and then returned them to their parents.  The Evolutionary himself provides this history, though he elides over important details, like why he chose them in particular or why he gave them the powers that he did.  (Wasn't he at the time simply creating New Men from animals?)  All we do learn is that he learned from the mistakes that he made in creating them and used that lesson to create Luminous.  Given that Luminous is likely to join the trash heap of forgotten characters used to ret-con an established character's history, it's small comfort.

Meanwhile, the High Evolutionary ("High") is in the middle of his war with the Low ("Low") Evolutionary, and I still couldn't tell you anything about Low.  Remender keeps presenting him like we should know more about him, but I'm honestly at a loss.  All I know is that he finds High reprehensible.  I guess that's enough for a battle in comic books.

This series is the only one that I'm glad to see ending with the coming of "Secret Wars."  Hopefully it'll give Remender some time to get his head in the game as editorial interference moves elsewhere.

** (two of five stars)

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