Thursday, July 2, 2015


Bennett and Wilson throw us right into the story here.  Within the first few pages, A-Force has to fight a mysterious megalodon that appears off the coast of Arcadia -- the Utopian island that She-Hulk rules on Battleworld.  Miss America Chavez accidentally hurls the megalodon over the Shield, breaking Doom's first law.  She-Hulk has no choice but send her into exile, but she wants to get to the bottom of the megalodon's appearance.  She calls on the help of the Sub-Mariners, and it seems that the answer is going to be -- you guess it -- unexpected.

Bennett and Wilson don't have a lot of time to flesh out the relationships here, given that we've got at least eleven characters with speaking roles. But, they do their best, focusing mostly on America's relationship with her foster sister, Sister Grimm, and  mother, Loki.  After all, it's their heartbreak over America's loss that drives Jennifer to try to get answers.  Moreover, we still don't have a lot of clarity about the characters themselves, an issue that we have throughout the "Secret Wars" books.  Dazzler appears to be her 1980s incarnation (and certainly not her recent punk version), and a Dark Phoenix Jean Grey is one of the aforementioned speakers in this issue.  But, I figure that we'll get more details all in due time.

My only real complaint about this issue is that the fight scene made little sense.  For example, the megalodon seemed able to fly in several instances and Dazzler's light blast somehow hurls it from the ocean onto land.  It's not inconsequential complaining, since America hurled the megalodon over the wall exactly because Dazzler had accidentally blasted it into a crowd of civilians on land.  Given that they don't exactly have to stick to historical accuracy here, it would've made more sense if it was some sort of shark monster with wings.  (Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous.)

*** (three of five stars)

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