Saturday, July 18, 2015

Batgirl #41 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Fletcher and Stewart do a great job here of not just taking the change in Batman's identity in stride, but actually using it to further an ongoing sub-plot of this series, namely Batgirl's tension with Commissioner Gordon (a.k.a. Babs' tension with her father).

Fletcher and Stewart have Gordon out himself to Babs here, and it raises a number of issues for Babs.  First, she has legitimate concern over her father taking on the role of Batman.  As she knows firsthand, being a cop is one thing, but being a superhero is another.  But, beyond just her concern, it also amplifies her guilt over the fact that her father doesn't know her identity.  She comes close to tell him here, but he interrupts her before she can, telling her that the Powers That Be have decided that one of his responsibilities is taking down costumed vigilantes.  Now, she's really stuck.  To make matters worse, this directive sets up the end of this issue, as Batman announces that he's going to arrest Batgirl.

Again, I'm impressed by how well Fletcher and Stewart use this change in the status quo to further a story that they were already telling.  These sorts of changes often throw a monkey wrench in affiliated books, but the authors handle it really beautifully.  Moreover, Gotham seems to have a distinct lack of costumed vigilantes at the moment, so it's pretty clear that Batgirl is going to be at the top of Gordon's list.  I'm excited to see how that develops.

*** (three of five stars)

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