Friday, July 17, 2015

Bloodshot Reborn #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Although this issue follows roughly the same format as last issue, with Ray tracking down and killing the nanite-infested killer, it gets significantly darker.  First, Ray is forced to kill the killer with his bare hands, making it the first death that he truly feels (since the nanites numbed him to his previous kills).  Moreover, the shared nanite connection means that Ray gets to know his victim intimately, seeing his life through his eyes.  The combination leaves him understandably shaken.  To make matters worse, he realizes that five other people are in possession of the nanites while also coming to the conclusion that Kay is right about the fact that he's the only one that can handle them.  However, since Ray refuses to open his file, we still don't know if it's why Project:  Rising Spirit chose him to be Bloodshot in the first place.  At any rate, it sets up the possibility that he's going to have to kill five more people to prevent them from going on the type of killing sprees that the first two "victims" did.  Complicating matters even further, his former landlady recognizes Ray's image from the security camera at the store where he bought the gun, and the detectives on the case discover the Bloodshot symbols that he painted in his closet, making him a prime suspect.  Anyway you slice it, it's doesn't look good for Ray.

*** (three of five stars)

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