Monday, August 24, 2015

Justice League #42 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Once again, I think that it's best to recap this issue in checklist format, since we've got a lot happening at once:

- Lex and Superman are on Apokolips.  Darkseid declares that he doesn't just want Clark dead -- he wants his soul.  He decides to send the slaves of Apokolips after him, though Steppenwolf (correctly) observes that "no slave could kill the Kryptonian."  Desaad apparently thinks that it'll teach Superman that his belief that hope exists everywhere is mistaken, because it clearly doesn't exist for you if you're a slave on Apokolips.  But, I think we all know that Clark will find a way.

- On Earth, Metron arrives just in time to teleport the Justice League from the clutches of the Anti-Monitor and Grail.  He takes them to Shazam's HQ, and Diana lassoes him to get the information that she needs to stop the Anti-Monitor.  He resists giving details, but tells her to displace him from the chair.  She does, and Bats jumps on it before it can disappear.  He asks for the identity of his parents' murderer, and it confirms that it was Joe Chill.  He also asks for Joker's true name, though he disbelieves its answer.  Diana asks if he's OK, and he replies that he's fine, because he's now a god.  Um, OK.

- In an exposition-heavy sequence, Myrina explains to Mr. Miracle that she had Darkseid's daughter since she knew that she needed a weapon for the day when Darkseid decided to enslave everyone on Earth.  Scott is shocked that Myrina has provoked a war with Darkseid, believing her to be optimistic that it's possible to kill him.  For this belief, Myrina attacks him and he flees.

This issue isn't the strongest, and I'm hoping that it's a transitional one, with Johns getting us the information that we needed as quickly (if inelegantly) as possible.

** (two of five stars)

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