Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spider-Verse #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

OK, I'm thoroughly confused here.  Costa wants us to believe that everyone other than Gwen doesn't see Norman Osborn as a villain.  It's all just a big misunderstanding, apparently.  The problem is that you don't have to know that Norman is a bad guy in other realities to know that he is one here.  First, Gwen seems pretty sure that he killed the Gwen Stacy of this reality, and Norman so far hasn't done anything to disabuse her of that notion.  It's hard to see how a CEO of a corporation could innocently kill a young woman.  Second, he employs a goon squad, this reality's version of the Sinister Six, to "collect" the Spider-People after Spider-Ham calls in their location.  OK, sure, maybe Osborn's doing something to help Ham, but no one raises an eyebrow at the fact that he hires known criminals to be his enforcers?  This lack of curiosity is particularly odd when you consider the fact that he claims that he was initially antagonistic towards the Spider-People because he wasn't sure if they were criminals or not.  So, it wouldn't be OK for them to be criminals, but it's OK for him to hire them?  Finally, if Osborn really was helping Ham, why did Ham more or less willingly go with Gwen in issue #2?  I think that Costa is going to eventually reveal that it's all a ruse, possibly due to some sort of mind control, but, until then, I really don't get where we're going here.

** (two of five stars)

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