Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Years of Future Past #2 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

OK, I'm just going to say that this issue is not good.

Bennett just spends way too much time moralizing, with several characters giving long monologues that felt like reading Facebook posts from your annoying and earnest cousin.  I mean, Colossus literally delivers a page-long version of the "First they came for..." speech that the original managed to convey more powerfully in fewer words.  I just can't believe an editor let it get published.  Beyond their tediousness, these moments all time that could've been better spent developing the actual plot.

We learn here that Angel has been running an underground city called Centrum for years, though we're not given any reason why the above-ground team couldn't be in contact with them.  (I'm assuming that it's because they had to stay well placed enough on the surface world to steal the chemicals that they needed to disable their restraint collars, but Bennett doesn't actually make that clear.)  Moreover, I have no idea where Wolverine and his son, Cameron, have been.  Christina makes it clear that she knows Wolverine, and we saw him in play with the surface-world team last issue.  But, she meets Cameron for the first time as a teenager, so Wolverine must've also been spending time outside the bunker?  (Maybe he inherited his prime counterpart's ability to be in multiple places at once?)  Why couldn't Cameron have the childhood that Christina had?  Bennett doesn't put much effort into addressing their different upbringings, despite the fact that they're the two most important characters to the story that she's telling.

Given how important these questions are, it's possible (if not likely) that Bennett will answer them all next issue.  But, given the slog that it was to get through all the speeches in this issue, it was annoying to get to the end and find that I still had no real idea what I had just read.

* (one of five stars)

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