Thursday, September 17, 2015

E is for Extinction #2 (HERE BE SPOILER!)

I have officially lost the plot with this one.  Magneto was using Jean (cocooned in the Phoenix Egg) to manipulate the new X-Men and limit the powers of the old X-Men.  (I think?)  But, Quentin in this reality has a moral code and helped attract the attention of the old X-Men when he discovered Magneto was keeping Jean prisoner.  (Maybe?)  And, Magneto was going to use Esme and Quentin to hatch the egg prematurely to get...power?  (Or was it going to give birth to Jean?)  Unfortunately for him, Quentin bonded with the egg, but it didn't matter, because Xorn is the one that eventually merged with it.  (Who is Xorn, exactly?  He's clearly no longer Magneto.)  Also, Hank found a human version of himself dead on his doorstep of a "viral strain" that led him to the School.  When Magneto is crushed under the egg, Beast declares that its powers have gone dormant.  But, then a bunch of Beasts arrive declaring that Magneto was right that the egg still has power?  Maybe?  Possibly?

** (two of five stars)

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