Sunday, September 20, 2015

Star Wars #7 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

To be honest, this issue seems more significant than it is particularly interesting.  As we saw at the end of last issue, Luke has gotten his hands on Ben's journals from his time on Tatooine, opening up his lost history for the first time.  This issue provides a glimpse into that history, though I can't say that I found it all that thrilling.

Obi-Wan spends most of the time detailed in this entry struggling with his desire to help the locals as they suffer from the Great Drought.  This challenge is made all the more difficult due to Jabba's men stealing the meager moisture that they're able to farm.  Ben realizes that he must withdraw more completely lest he's discovered, but regains his hope in the future when Luke tries to steal back the moisture that Jabba's men stole.

It's a fine story, but I didn't really find myself connecting with Ben.  It's admittedly difficult, of course, since he spends most of the issue talking to himself (or, in theory, Qui-Gon).  I actually felt like this issue would've been better suited for an annual story.  First, it would fit the one-off nature of an annual.  But, second, it would've given Aaron a few more pages to explore Ben falling into the depression that we only see briefly here.  After all, we barely began touching on his feelings when he finds hope in Luke's courage.

At any rate, I'm intrigued by the journals, but hopefully it'll be a while before we spend an issue on them again.  It's still early in this series, and I feel like this sort of one-shot interrupted the great momentum that Aaron was building.  Let's get back to Sana Solo, shall we?

** (two of five stars)

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