Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This series isn't exactly the most enthralling of the "Secret Wars" tie-in series, but the authors manage to inject something like a shot in the arm here.  (Sorta.)

First, this issue opens up some questions that I've had for a while about the physics of Battleworld, if you will.  In "Secret Wars" #5, we learned that only Dr. Strange had an energy signature unique to him; all other energy on Battleworld is the same energy that Doom produces.  However, last issue, we learned that Carol isn't "from Doom."  I mention it here because it goes to the fact that I'm still not entirely sure what we're going to learn when/if Carol and the Banshees make it into the sky.  It seems like they can't discover that Carol is from beyond Battleworld, because everyone other than Dr. Strange if from Battleworld.  Sure, they were pulled from other realities, but the Foundation made it extremely clear in "Secret Wars" #5 that they all somehow became "of Doom" in the process.  If Carol isn't "of Doom," then isn't no one "of Doom?"

Putting aside my anal-retentive inquiry into Battleworld physics, we at least get some action here.  Helen's decision to try to make a break for it last issue results in the entire Squadron having to flee Hala lest someone confiscate their souped-up jets.  The Baroness is forced to call in Doom as Carol and company (including Rhodey) take up refuge on a small island somewhere within the domain.  However, you can't hide from the Thors and they appear here to address the situation.

As I've said with other tie-in series, the most exciting part about "Secret Wars" so far is that the authors have a license not to tell a happy ending.  It's entirely possible that the Thors could wipe out Carol and the squadron and we'll never learn about her powers.  Wouldn't that be a helluva ending?

** (two of five stars)

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