Thursday, October 8, 2015

E is for Extinction #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Given how meandering the plot of this series has been, it's sort of surprising that we find ourselves in a place that makes sense, even if it's an entirely different place from where the first two issues implied we'd be.

It turns out the army of Beasts is under the sway of Sublime.  Magneto had realized that he was resident in the Phoenix Egg and tried to control him, but he was able to spread himself to the four corners of Battleworld and infect the Beasts.  (We're not told why he chose the Beast in particular as a host, though it seems to be for his intellect.)  Sublime arrives to take control of the Egg, but a revived Professor X has taken control of Quentin's dead body and saves the day.  (Again, we're not told how Xavier survived death.)  Jean finally hatches, only for Xavier to reveal that she's under the control of Cassandra Nova.

Again, this series has been erratic at best.  Xavier and Nova were dismissed in the first issue as characters that merely set the stage for the drama between Magneto and the "classic" X-Men.  It's not necessarily an unwelcome development for them to rear their heads here, but it's one that feels as random as most of Morrison's original version of this story felt.  I guess Burnham is doing a solid job, by that measure.

*** (there of five stars)

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