Thursday, October 15, 2015

Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Despite the brief moment of seriousness last issue, Humphries finishes out this series focused on the yuks.  Peter sings Kitty's favorite song ("Once upon a Dream") to Widget to convince her to free him and Kitty, and, just when it looks like Gambit's Longshot blades are going to finish them, Drax appears dressed as Doom to fool Gambit and save the day.  In the end, the anomaly that Gambit had was Rocket's tail, and Kitty allows Peter to keep it since she knows what it's like to miss home.  They also share a kiss before she leaves, and Drax and Peter walk into the sunset with hopes of cloning Rocket from his tail.  It may not be the most serious of the "Secret Wars" series, but I can't deny that it put a smile on my face.

*** (three of five stars)

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