Saturday, October 3, 2015

Years of Future Past #4 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

OMG, this series just goes from bad to worse to terrible.  At one point, all action stops so that Storm can explain the plot, and, at two separate points, all actions stops again so that Cameron can deliver monologues.  Bennett even tries ol' pet peeve #3, with Chrissie commenting on Cameron inheriting Colossus' penchant for monologue (likely responding to criticism from issue #1).  But, as I've always said, it doesn't really help the reader when you use your characters to acknowledge bad writing:  it'd be better to avoid it entirely.

Moreover, the plot is as tired as they come.  Cameron finds a magic iPad (I wish I were kidding) that proves that Magneto intended on him and Chrissie dying in their attempt to save Kelly.  Apparently, he didn't want humans to see mutants as saviors; he wanted mutants to see Cameron and Chrissie as martyrs and rise against the humans.  We're not really told why Magneto went this direction.  I think that we're just supposed to believe that he's e-v-i-l.  Maybe?  Bennett doesn't really seem to concerned about motivations at this point, so I guess I shouldn't be either.

Next issue:  brother vs. sister!  (Yawn.)

* (one of five stars)

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