Friday, November 6, 2015

Hail Hydra #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This series continues to be one of the most solid of the "Secret Wars" tie-ins.  It helps that Remender is telling a narrowly constructed story.  Rather than trying to update the setting of a previous event, as many of the other authors are struggling to do, we know as little about this world as Ian does.  As such, we have the same goal as him:  defeat Zola, regardless of the details.

Ian puts that plan into action here, taking Ellie with him to see Zola, since he knows that Zola's too arrogant to see them as threats.  He's right, and, as usual, this arrogance costs Zola:  Ian is able to use Iron Man's device to lock Zola in Steve' body.  (Ian also knew that Zola wouldn't be able to resist possessing Steve's body.)  But, before Ian can kill Zola, Ellie succumbs to the symbiote disease and Captain Hydra and his men arrive to take down Ian.

I'm still not 100 percent sure if Ian is going to win this one, making it all the more exciting.  But, the best part of this series is bound to be the conversation between Ellie and Ian, where they talk about their shared struggle to live with the heroic legacies of their parents.  It's nice for Ian to get to express these feelings for the first time, even if it's to a sister that he never meets and loses quickly.  For Ian, it's as close to family as he gets.

*** (three of five stars)

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