Friday, November 27, 2015

Shattered Empire #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This issue really unfolds at a perfect pace.  Rucka keeps us worried throughout the issue that Kes and Shara won't survive to see one another again.  Kes is almost killed attacking an Imperial black site with Han; Chewie saves him from a Storm Trooper at the last minute.  Meanwhile, Shara almost sacrifices herself to buy Leia and the Queen time to destroy the satellites wrecking Naboo's climate, saved (also at the last minute) when Lando and his squadron arrive to support them.  Moreover, the two stories link beautifully:  when Han and his team enter the black site, Threepio leans of "Operation:  Cinder" and the threat to Naboo (presumably allowing Han to call in Lando in time).  Plus, heroics abound:  Kes is the one to find the opening so that Han and his team can invade the black site, and Queen Soruna is the one that not only tips off Shara and Leia that a hanger of ships has been hidden under the Palace for years but also demands to go with them.  We also have an awesome moment when Leia enters the hanger and senses Darth Maul (since he died in that room years earlier).  Although something about the tone of this series never really left me in doubt that Kes and Shara would be reunited, as they are on the last page, Rucka does an admirable job of keeping that enough in question to remind us how brave everyone here is and how much they're willing to risk to see the Rebellion succeed.

*** (three of five stars)

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