Monday, December 28, 2015

On Being Even More Untimely than Usual

I named this blog "Untimely Comics" partly due to the fact that my reviews were always destined to be late.  I live overseas, often in places without English-language comic-book shops, so I get my comics through a combination of shipping arrangements (thanks, Midtown Comics!) and digital subscriptions (hello, Comixology!).  But, sometimes my inherent untimeliness is combined with a particularly busy period of my life, and I get seriously behind.  Like, October 21 behind.

I'm now powering through the backlog; I've managed to get to November 11.  Only 87 comics to go to be current!  I've got about 20 reviews in the can that I'll spread out a bit over the next few days, hopefully enabling me to resume a normal publishing schedule.  For those of you out there still reading, thanks!

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