Monday, January 25, 2016

Bloodshot Reborn #8 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Boy, I did not see that coming.

Hoyt actually proves himself useful here, realizing that the bus that Other-Bloodshot used to kill the teenage Bloodshot in issue #6 ran by the motel where Ray was staying.  Festival reminds him that they've ruled out Ray as the killer, and Hoyt tells her that Ray isn't their suspect.  Meanwhile, Magic manages to kill the guy that I thought was Other-Bloodshot, accidentally taking on the nanites.  Ray uses the power of love to pull out the nanites, though Lemire makes us worry that the terrible ending that Ray previewed for us a few issues ago was here, as he was going to have to kill Magic to claim the nanites.  Instead, Lemire actually doubles down on hope here, as Ray once again becomes Bloodshot but Magic loves him anyway.  (Ray's clearly going to pay for this heart-warming moment.)  Meanwhile, Other-Bloodshot is revealed to be Toby, the grandson of the motel owner:  we see him on the last page, with Bloodsquirt standing over him.  Bloodsquirt becoming real!

As I said, I totally didn't see the ending coming.  Along the way, Lemire does a great job building up the tensions:  for a moment there in the middle, you really have no idea what's happening or where we're going.  It's an exciting issue, to say the least.

**** (four of five stars)

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