Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Extraordinary X-Men #2 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

First, every time I enjoy a comic and check out the cover to see who wrote it, I see Lemire's name.  I must be reading every series that he's writing at this point.  Keep up the great work, Jeff!

We get a lot of information here about what happened during the eight months since "Secret Wars" ended:  Scott is (supposedly) dead, Old Man Logan somehow got transported to the present, and Jean and Hank dated for a while, but it didn't last because she felt that it was like kissing her brother.  But, increasingly, I'm less interested in these eight months because the present situation is so much more interesting:  X-Haven is located in Limbo, Mr. Sinister has taken up residence in the sewers under Manhattan, Old Man Logan carries the guilt from getting tricked into killing all the X-Men in the future, and Nightcrawler has gone missing (except for his tail).  It's a lot to process.

The good news is that Lemire doesn't treat this issue as essentially a long list of status updates.  He manages to dig into some emotions along the way.  Jeanie kisses a guy she likes at a party, but he's revealed to be a mutantphobe when Jean has to save an Inhuman from getting bashed.  (Three guys were beating him because they thought that he was a mutant that might contaminate them with M-Pox.  To make matters worse for Jeanie, the Inhuman that she saved flees from her for basically the same reason.)  Alone in the alley, Ramos shows Jean staring at the mini-Cerebro that Storm gave her, though she ultimately decides to try to track down Logan.  Logan himself isn't doing so well, pushing away Storm and Bobby, though not telling them why he doesn't want to be near them.  Plus, until the last panel, he thinks that he's talking to Jean's ghost, not Jean (or, at least, a version of Jean).  It's probably not a good sign when you're so blasé about your crazy.  Finally, Storm is completely overwhelmed, realizing that her facade of confidence is breaking under the realization that the Dream is likely dead.  The only light moments in this issue come from Illyana's gentle teasing of Peter, but even that disappears when they're unexpectedly confronted by Sinister.

In other words, same X-day, same X-drama.  It's good to know some things don't change.

*** (three of five stars)

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