Friday, January 22, 2016

Squadron Sinister #4 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

When the end comes, it comes quickly.

Nighthawk makes short work of an unsuspecting Hyperion, between the argonite gun and Dr. Spectrum's Power Prism.  But, Guggenheim doesn't give Nighthawk a moment to enjoy his newfound position at the top of the hill.  He immediately has to confront the means that he used to this end.  Sandman encourages Starbrand to seize on the instability that Nighthawk created and liberate Utopolis, and Nighthawk is engaged in battle with him when the Thors arrive to take him to Doom.  Valeria isn't able to prove conclusively that Nighthawk killed the Thor (he did), but Warrior Woman turns state's evidence on him, allowing them to convict him of the charge of discord.  He's banished to the other side of the Shield.  Meanwhile, the average citizens of Utopolis resist the Starbrands' attempt to annex them "for their own good," tired of the instability that came with the fall of the Squadron.

This series hasn't been my favorite, but I have to compliment Guggenheim on delivering at least a solid ending:  the story works as a morality tale on a few levels, he wraps up all loose ends, and the ending flows logically from previous events.  After all, Richmond's arrogance blinded him to the fact that he might've been able to climb to the top of the hill in Utopolis, but he still had to stay on the good side of Doom in the process.  It's really a darker companion piece to the "Korvac Saga," if you felt like that series was a little too optimistic.

*** (three of five stars)

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